Designing With Antiques

We strive to create interiors which are warm, inviting and comfortable. In a time defined by mass-marketing and packaging, our clients seek homes which are unique reflections of their personalities and respond to their scenic and historic surroundings. Incorporating antiques into these homes adds a richness and sense of history that can not be duplicated. It also gives the designs a timelessness that only improves with age.

Setting the stage

Introducing antiques at the entrance to a home sets the stage for an interesting mix of old and new and suggests that the home may be from an earlier time.


A pair of antique carved stone horses guard the entry to this new shingled home. Their rusty patina complements the varied shades of the New York bluestone steps.

Stone Trough.jpg

This rustic stone watering trough makes a dramatic planter, sited in front of a newly restored stable.

Casual, comfortable & livable

We’ve all seen magazine images of flawless contemporary interiors with glistening surfaces of glass and polished marble and wondered if they are comfortable and friendly to kids and pets. Rustic antiques have a patina that only improves with age. A scratch here and a dent there adds to their character and beauty.

Family to Kitchen.jpg

No-one will ever be yelled at for putting their feet on this rustic coffee table made from massive antique timbers!


The rich patina of this New England sawbuck table improves with time. It’s the perfect backdrop for contemporary tableware.

Inspiring creative designs


Incorporating antiques into an interior can lead to creative designs. This country kitchen was designed to highlight the owners’ massive antique French butcher’s block and baker’s table. The result is a truly unique arrangement.

Celebrating a theme

The artwork in this country home celebrates its setting on a large farm with a collection of folk-art farm animals. 19th century animal-form windmill weights are displayed in recessed shelves, a bold red pig barbecue sign punctuates a stone fireplace and horses of sheet metal and carved wood survey the room.

The theme for this Entertainment Barn is fun! A carousel horse leaps through the wall, vivid checker and parcheesi boards brighten the loft, a clown sprinkler becomes art and vintage pinball machines enliven horse stalls.

Mix it up!

Dining High boy cropped.jpg

Mixing antiques from different periods and countries gives a room life and depth. Here a 19th century English monastery table is contrasted with an 18th century Connecticut highboy. The contemporary French dinnerware plays counterpoint to the Victorian cast iron finial.

Make it fun & colorful!

Not always serious & somber, antiques can provide playful bursts of color .

Guest House Bedroom cropped.jpeg

A bold Amish quilt, a graphic plaid rug and a checked shade combine to create a playful and memorable guest bedroom.

Daughter's Room Detail.jpg

The vibrant blue paint of this New England trunk sets the tone for this colorful window seat.